Digital Nomads


I always wanted to be part of it – these people called digital nomads working and travelling their way around the globe. I am a digital nomad for several years now and I absolutely love my lifestyle! The best part about it is that I can work when, where and how much I want and it’s awesome.

But this didn’t come easy.When I first quit my job in IT consulting, I was terrified. How would I earn enough money to get by, let alone travel? Without any concrete skills, I would be totally lost! But then I figured it out – I better get started and learn what I’m good at! I started doing pretty lousy jobs on a couple of freelance marketplaces and discovered very quickly that I liked writing a lot.


Digital Nomads Rock!

Slowly, I managed to find more and better paying clients. On top of that, I was able to find a great remote job with a reputable company. I managed to earn enough money to keep going indefinitely. This was a great start, but today I focus more on passive income. I do this by working on my blog, social media and setting up my own business in affiliate marketing.

Even though I am on the road most of the time, this does not mean I’m not a professional. I travel the world, work my multinational clients, coach people from all over the world and have developed a lifestyle that I’m proud of. All the digital nomads I meet on the road are awesome and they have taken big risks. Often they go against what society expects from people. But this is totally OK!

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