Month: September 2017

The Floor, Ceiling and Walls – DIY Renault Trafic Campervan Conversion Part 3

The floor, ceiling and walls of your campervan - Renault Trafic DIY Campervan Conversion

.Once you have finished insulating your campervan to-be, it’s time for the next steps! Getting started with the floor, ceiling and walls of your campervan conversion is great because it really makes you see how the van will look like in the end! Time to bring your campervan conversion to the next level 🙂 . What to …

Campervan Insulation – DIY Renault Trafic CamperVan Conversion Part 2

DIY Campervan Insulation Van Conversion

Welcome to this blog about how to do a campervan insulation project. This is actually a major part of your DIY campervan conversion!  If you’re considering buying an empty van and making it into a comfortable home, be sure to keep reading 🙂 The next step in my campervan conversion After we had completely stripped the …