Review: Camping Du Bocq, Purnode, Belgium

Camping Du Bocq - Camping places

For the first stop of my vanlife adventure, I wanted to stay at a small, relaxed camping in Belgium. Not too far from home (haha!), to get to know my camper, sleep and relax. With these requirements πŸ™‚ , I got the recommendation to stay at Camping Du Bocq, close to Namur. I stayed in the Province de Namur for 5 days and explored the region. this is a review of the campsite, so you can assess whether this camping is something for you πŸ™‚

Camping places

The places on this camping are awesome! The places are quite large and even. My campervan easily fitted there, and I had lots of space left! Bonus: there are about 10-15 places directly at the small river, and if you book ahead you’re pretty much guaranteed to get one! So pretty, and nothing better than opening the rear doors of the van and looking out over the water and snoozing a bit more πŸ™‚ On the sides, the places are separated by trees so you have quite some privacy.

Like on most campings, there are places with and without electricity.

If you only have a tent, there is also a large area more up the river which also looked beautiful when I walked through. That area has its own sanitary facilities.

Province de Namur - Camping du Bocq


Accessing the camping was a challenge for me at first. The road descends quite steeply towards the valley where the camping is. But hey, if cars with caravans and trucks can make it, I definitely can πŸ˜‰ So of course, after some practice it was all good.

There are no restaurants in the town, so you will have to drive or eat at the camping if you’re too lazy to cook πŸ™‚

There are supermarkets in Yvoir (Carrefour) and Evrehailles (Spar). Watch out: you cannot reach the Carrefour from the side coming down into Yvoir – there is a bridge with a maximum height of 2 meters. There is no sign, so I was halfway down the little alley before I noticed it. I had to back up up-hill which was a lot of fun… I had my first nervous breakdown behind the wheel in this situation πŸ˜‰

Sanitary Facilities

The sanitary facilities are in fine condition. Quite new, and the showers have good pressure.

Only two minor minus points: you need coins for a hot shower (which will last 7 minutes) and you have to bring your own toilet paper. Both no big deal, but good to know about.


At the entrance of the camping, you find the reception, but they also have a lovely terrace with a view where you can grab a beer or order from restaurant. A simple portion of fries, a great chicken salad or a full meal, all is possible!

It’s also possible to buy some snacks, chocolate or crisps, or a delicious Blanche de Namur white beer πŸ™‚

Camping Du Bocq - Terrace
Camping Du Bocq – Terrace


There is a certain amount of fixed spots at the camping where people seem to reside the whole season in their mobil homes. This is the first part of the camping you go through and it gives a bit of an odd feel. But after having walked by 5 times and saying hello friendly, every one turns out to be super nice πŸ™‚ Also, most people with a tent or campervan won’t see too much of it.

Province de Namur - Camping du Bocq
Camping du Bocq Views


For the camping spot, no electricity, a hot shower a day, taxes etc, I paid approx €15 a night. A pretty good deal in Europe in high season! For exact prices, check the website of the camping itself.


There is a free Wifi connection at the camping. Throughout the camping, the internet is sufficient to use Whats’app, but checking Facebook or Instagram is difficult. If you head up to the terrace or the reception area, the internet is great and perfect for a bit of work or downloading a movie.

To Conclude: Camping Du Bocq

I would go back to this camping anytime! Such a comfortable spot, friendly people (they even helped me when I had a leaking in the roof!), nice food and a good location to explore the region. Thanks Camping Du Bocq for having me!

Do you want to stay here? Check the website of the camping itself!


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